Company Safety, Quality And Environmental Management Policy

We know for a fact that our Shipping profession hides inherent dangers for our Human and Sea Environments. In the so-called dynamic shipping environment, we consider ourselves as constantly moving forward to catch up with the increasingly complex condition of our profession.

We recognize also that Pollution of the Sea by oil is the most harmful of all hazards, and therefore a very...

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Drug And Alcohol Controls Procedure



It is the Company's Policy that no seafarer, whatever rank, will navigate the vessel or will operate its equipment while impaired by drugs or alcohol or where there is any risk of such impairment.


In following this Policy, the Company:



Vessel Name:      MINERVA VIRGO

Type / Built / Yard:                   MR Product IMO II/III Chemical Tanker/2006/STX Shipbuilding Co. Ltd

Deadweight:                             50921.90 t

Scantling Draft:                         13.29 m

LOA / LBP:                               183.00 m/173,9 m

Breadth:                                   32.20 m

Depth:                                     19,1

Flag:                                        GREEK

Class:                                       ABS

GRT / NRT:                              28960/13670

Machinery Particulars

Main Engine Type/ Model:          STX MAN B&W/6S60MC-C

MCR:                                       18420

NCR:                                       13815 @ 75% MCR

Service Speed:                          15.9 @ NCR

FOC:                                       40.72 @ NCR

Aux. Engines :      

  Type/ Model:                          6L2330H

  Number:                                3

  Power Output (KW):                960

  at RPM:                                  900


  Type/Model:                           CYLINDRICAL AALBORG MISSION OL

  Number:                                1

  Capacity (kg/h):                      18000

Boiler Working Pressure:            7 BAR

Cargo Pumps:       

  Numbers:                               14

  Driven By:                             HYDRAULIC MOTOR

  Capacity (m3/h):                    12X600 CARGO TANKS & 2X300 SLOPS

  RPM:                                     1775

Ballast Pumps:      

  Numbers:                               2

  Driven By:                             HYDRAULIC MOTOR

  Capacity (m3/h):                    750

  RPM:                                     1775

Bow Thruster:       

  Type/Model::                          FRAMO / DSTC 80

  Number:                                1

  Power Output(KW):                 950 KW

  at RPM:                                  1475